Duotex Clothing Company

Company description:

Hello, We are manufacturer & exporter of readymade garments for men’s , Ladies & Children such like Sweater, T-shirt, Polo shirt, Tank top, Boxer, Shorts, Denim pant, Shirt, Vest, Trouser, Pullover ,home textile, caps, under wear (Ladies & Men’s) ,rugs and jute bags. We sell stock lots as buyer request and finding a foreign business partner to invest in the apparel sectors growing together. If you are interested please feel free to advise us. - Best regards - Ahmed Jalal H Jibon. - Duotex Clothing Company. - Mail: ceo@duotexgroup.com - Skype: Jalal. Hossain - Cell: +8801688682022 - www.duotexgroup.com

  • Contact details

    Address: Duotex Clothing Company
    Dhaka, 1216, Poland
    Telefon: Tel. +48 +8801715580779
    Tel. +48 +8801688682022
    Fax +48 +88028080976
    WWW: www.duotexgroup.com
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